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x thompsoniana

Exquisite perfume over summer from the white upright flowers displayed above 20 cm leaves. One of over fifty rare, new and beautiful Magnolias in our nursery.

Angel's Trumpet

Brugmansia Sacred Sunset

Numerous very large, fragrant, pendant orange trumpets produced from November to May or longer. This is a compact variety more suitable for pots or smaller spaces. Over twenty varieties, colours include yellow, white, double orange, pink, double pink, salmon, and white variegated leaves.


Syringa protolaciniata Kabul

Lovely, hardy shrubs to small trees with scented late spring to summer flowers. This variety has deeply cut feathery foliage in addition to the scented flowers. New varieties including dwarf, double-flowered, cut leaf and some species.

Hydrangea aspera Sawpoint

A lacecap flower form with purple fertile flower centre surrounded by pink-purple outer ray flowers. This is one of over forty different and rare Hydrangeas we grow.


Ficus damaropsis

Fig - Ficus damaropsis
Extraordinary fig from New Guinea. It has stunning huge 40-50 cm dark green pleated leaves which are a rich copper colour when young. A small number available.

Monkey's Hand Tree

Devil’s Hand Tree

Monkey’s Hand Tree
Fast growing tree from the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala tolerant of frost. Large leaves and remarkable 12.5 cm red fingered flowers looking like a small hand. A small number available.

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