About Don Teese

Don grew up with the nursery in his backyard. After leaving school in 1969, he started work at Yamina. He has had several overseas trips and a stint working in U.S.A in 1974. He is a collector of rare plants like his father. In 1954, plants were grown in old seven pound jam tins or larger square ones obtained from the Monbulk Jam factory. One of his jobs to earn pocket money was to cut open the tins, hammer down sharp edges and then put drainage holes in the base using a tommy hawk. He still retains a scar from that work!
In its 60th year, 2015, we have progressed to the wide range you see today.
Don’s knowledge of plants is extensive and he shares it freely, along with his love or nature, particularly birds.
During the last few years he has continued searching for new plants. Oaks have been a major focus, as has Araucaria and Agathis species.


The wholesale and retail nursery, is now called Yamina Collectors Nursery at 34 Mt Pleasant Rd Monbulk, where a large collection of rare plants are available, mostly in 15-25cm pots.