Welcome to Don’s Yamina Collectors Nursery.
This is our 60th year selling plants at Yamina. Started in 1954, my father, Arnold, was then growing perennials in the ground but gave up due to heavy clay soil. Later shrubs and trees were grown before specializing in Rhododendrons. Plants were grown in old seven inch jam tins or larger square ones obtained from Monbulk Jam factory. One of my jobs to earn pocket money was to cut open the tins, hammer down sharp edges and then put drainage holes in the base with a tommyhawk. I still retain a scar from that work! From there we progressed to the wide range you see today.
During the last year we have continued our search for new plants. Oaks have been a major focus, such as Valonia oak, an historically interesting species brought to Australia in the 1800’s and used in the tanning industry. We have some available. Gallipoli oak is also available this year, 2015, being the 100th anniversary of the landing in Turkey.
We are also trying to build up as many Araucaria and Agathis species as possible. Araucaria angustifolia (Parana pine) from Brazil, Araucaria montana, Araucaria luxuriens & Agathis corbassonii all from New Caledonia; Agathis macrophylla from Fiji and Melanesia are all additions to our collection of this fascinating primitive group of trees.
Our logo is “A growing museum” in reference to our aim to collect, grow and retain a large range of interesting plants from around the globe.

Don & Sue Teese, Peter Sexton