New introductions & other plants of interest

Aucuba japonica Honshu $27.50
Dwarf female form, leaves small and narrow, red berries.
Brugmansia Clementine $35.00 25cm pot $55.00
New form with numerous large, double, orange, trumpet flowers over warmer months.
We now list over 20 different forms, including a new double pink form.                                                   Carpoletus laurifolia      NEW!      $45.00                                                                                                                     Large evergreen shrub from New Caledonia. Thick textured handsome  leaves emerge red when young. Yellow flowers in large clusters similar to Eucalyptus.                                                                                                                                                                     Euonymus linearfolius   NEW!   $27.50
Almost evergreen, large shrub. Narrow leaves; beautiful, showy, large marble-sized, pink fruit. Very handsome.
Hydrangea serrata Crug Cobalt $25.00
Small but strong, bushy grower. Blue lace-cap flowers, leaves turn reddish in Autumn.
Magnolia (Michelia) Starbright YAMINA INTRODUCTION $45.00
Masses of large, star-shaped, white flowers along the stems in late Winter. Vigorous evergreen with good foliage. Rangy grower when young, bushing up on older plants. Excellent new form for flowers or hedging.
Pinus patula $27.50
Beautiful Mexican pine with long, graceful, drooping needles to 30cm. Reddish bark.
Pinus pinea $27.50
The “Stone pine” of Italy; flat-topped, large tree. Patterned trunk, edible nuts.
We have collected a large range of rare varieties and will add to the list in future years, some are grafted but most from acorns, e.g. Q. coccifera caliprinos- the Gallipoli oak; Q. phellos- willow-leafed oak; Q. ilex- Holm oak; Q. candicans- a large leafed Mexican species. See catalogue for complete list.
Shade plants
Plants for dry shade are in demand due to more flats and apartments being built creating shade and rain shallow areas. Plants suitable for these areas include: Sarcococca, Ruscus, Plectranthus, Danae & Mahonia. Please speak to Don or Peter for help and suggestions.
Lilacs are tough plants with scented, showy leaves. Our range includes some new and rareer types; often smaller growing or with smaller leaves. Kabul- mauve flowers and ferny leaves; Slepping Beauty- small leavers and small pink to white flowers; Annabel- double pink flowers; Duplex- double purple flowers.